The TOP ROCK TRAIL is a versatile trail the most beautiful lookout in Vanuatu.


approx. 12k

700m D+

Individual & Team of Two

Man, Woman or Mixed

Minimum age 16

Where is the meeting point for the race start?

TOP ROCK TRAIL will take place at TOP ROCK – Saama village in the North of Efate Island.

What are the meeting times?

Runners are expected at the starting site at [coming soon] at Top Rock – Saama (45 km, 1 hour from Port-Vila).

How can I get to the race location?

  • By carPlaces are very limited, please organize carpooling.
  • By bus – We will organize buses from Port Vila for an additional cost of 800 vatu per person

Car Park

Only the organization’s buses are authorized to enter the village.

We are expecting 300 runners.
Two car parks are provided for you cars.
Parking sites will be indicated by assistants. Please follow their instructions.

Places are very limited, please organize carpooling.

Traffic will be temporarily interrupted when the races start.

We ask runners and car drivers to be extremely vigilant (near the Saama village) during all the event!


If you cannot get to the race place. Buses will be organized from Port Vila for an additional cost of 800 vatu per person (in addition to the registration fee).

Check in and BIB distribution

You must collect your bibs and t-shirts before your race start! OR you may be disqualified.

It will be possible to collect your bibs and t-shirts from [coming soon] am.
To facilitate the distribution of bibs and t-shirts, please remember your number or team name.
It will be emailed to you few days before the race.

See your team number

Start time

Please note that it is the responsibility of each team to ensure that they arrive at the start site on time with their bibs attached to the front of their chest.

Start time: [coming soon]

A briefing will be given at [coming soon] am.

The races will start at the scheduled time.
Any late teams will be automatically disqualified.


Please note that no water, food or equipment will be present at the different checkpoints of the race.

There will be no water bottle distribution!
You must bring your own bottles.

Water tanks will be available at the village only to refill your water bottle (departure and arrival).

Equipment suitable for walking/running in the wilderness and self-sufficiency is therefore essential:

  • A pair of walking/sport shoes (flip-flops are not allowed).
  • A bag containing at least 2 Liters of water.
  • Food to sustain your effort for a period of 3 to 7 hours.
  • A 40 cm long strapping.
  • 1 charged telephone for the team.
  • 1 whistle for each team member.
  • The map of your course (to be printed by yourself).

It is recommended to have your legs covered (pants, high socks, tights, …), a hat, a pair of gloves.

The organization reserves the right to check the conformity of the equipment of each runner, and, if necessary, can decide to prohibit the departure or to disqualify a team not having the required material.

Race’s Progress

The TOP ROCK TRAIL is a race in Individual or teams of 2 (men, women or mixed).

For teams, it is essential to stay in pairs during the whole race. If the runners get separated, the lead runner will be stopped at the checkpoints and will have to wait for his teammate to continue the race.

At each checkpoint, make sure that the controllers have checked your team’s numbers (be patient if there is a wait, take advantage of it to eat and drink).


The races are marked with orange paint and cloth tape.

At regular intervals, you will also find information posters informing you about your progress, according to the official map of your course.

Abandon / Disqualification

If you wish to abandon your course (permanently or by changing course), do so only at a checkpoint by giving your bib number to the controllers who will take the appropriate measures.

The disqualification of the team will be pronounced in the following cases:

  • Absence of race number or race number not visible on the chest;
  • Exchange of race number before or during the race, not in accordance with the organization;
  • Not respecting the time barriers at CP2 and CP4;
  • Taking a road that does not conform to the courses established by the organization;
  • Deliberate refusal to continue the race without waiting for the team member at a CP;
  • Non assistance to another team

If only one team member wishes to drop out, the team will be disqualified, but the remaining rider will be allowed to continue as long as he is progressing with another team.


Safety is everyone’s business.

By your behaviour during the event, you must make sure to maintain your own physical integrity by adopting a speed adapted to your aptitude and physical condition. The speed of a team is that of its slowest element; identify your partner’s abilities and place him or her in the lead in order to adopt the right speed.

Throughout the course, ProRescue staff will be present to provide first aid if necessary. They will be equipped with a radio and will be able to take the most appropriate measures for your situation.

If you need assistance:

  • Stay on the road ;
  • Identify with your map the nearest Prorescue point and try to get there ;
  • Use your phone by calling : 555 3153
  • Ask for assistance from another team ;
  • Use your whistle to alert the teams around.

3 Promedical station will be at your disposal for this event:

  • Start/Finish site;
  • PC4
  • PC5

Gregory (physiotherapist, osteopath, sport physiotherapist and manual therapist) will also be present at the Saama village before and after the race to help you (free of charge).

After Race

Free fruits will be available upon arrival.

K2 Kitchen will be present if you wish to eat.

See the Menu

Winning Prize & Prize-Giving Ceremony

    • First place: 15,000 VT
    • Second place: 7,500 VT
    • Third place: 2,500 VT
    • First place: Goodies
    • Second place: Goodies
    • Third place: Goodies


The results will be published online and live as the finishers arrive.

Free wifi will be available provided by 3 Link Powered by Kacific

Race conditions

The race takes place in the jungle / bush on rough terrain: hilly, steep and muddy.
Some passages include small river crossings.

After Party

An after party is scheduled from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Banyan Bar in partnership with the 83 islands distillery.