The TOP ROCK TRAIL is a versatile trail the most beautiful lookout in Vanuatu.

The TOP ROCK TRAIL follows approximately the same track as the CHALLENGER race held during LE TRAIL PACIFIC ENERGY which is the most versatile and popular race of the event.

The TOP ROCK TRAIL remain a challenging race but suit intermediate runner.

You will enjoy beautiful lookout during the race with a stunning view of Nguna and Pele island.

Racing Profile

  • Approximately 12km
  • 700m D+
  • Estimate race time: 4 hours


Saturday 26 September, 2023

Collection of bibs at [coming soon] am

Start at [coming soon] am

Approximately 12km

700m D+



 ProMedical Ambulance


Prize Money: 15,000 vatu for the winner (Woman and Man)

Registration Price: 1,500 vatu [Early Bird].

 Registration : open


Wearing the bib front and back is mandatory.
It is strongly recommended to carry the following equipment:

  • Running shoes suitable for difficult terrain (steep, muddy, small river crossings, rocks, etc.)
  • Water minimum 1.5L
  • Food reserve for the duration of the race
  • 1 Phone per team
  • First Aid Kit

The difficult access conditions of the track make it difficult to supply Check Points.
Small water tank will be present at CP 2 only !
It is strongly recommended to be independent on the quantity of food and water you need for the duration of the race.

RACE DATE: September 16, 2023

Register before August 16 to get the Early bird price.