Corporate Club

Engage your company in an extraordinary experience!

A great team building opportunity!


You are a company and you want to take part in one of our Run Pacific Energy Series events?

Does the idea of a trail run motivate some of your employees?

Heading for adventure, reveal the explorers who lie dormant within your company,

Get involved in the Corporate Club!

What is the Coporate Club?

The Corporate Club brings together teams committed under the banner of a company that finances them 100%.

A company can obviously engage several teams or individual runners in the adventure on the condition of supporting them financially.

Who is the Corporate Club for?

The Corporate Club is aimed at all entrepreneurial structures, regardless of the number of employees.

It is also aimed at sports associations within companies and interprofessional associations.

What are the terms of engagement?

A team or an Individual can join the Corporate Club if:

  • It meets the general conditions of engagement of our events
  • Team is made up of 2 employees from the same company,
  • The team or individual runner is 100% sponsored by their company.

3 events open to the Corporate Club

Saturday 22 July, 2023

Saturday 16 September, 2023

Saturday 16 September, 2023

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