Corporate Club

Engage your company in an extraordinary experience!

A great team building opportunity!


You are a company and you want to take part in one of our Run Pacific Energy Series events?

Ready to connect your company with nature? Join the Trail Pacific Energy!

Challenge your team with a trail run that promises adventure and team spirit.
It’s not just a race; it’s an adventure that builds bonds and ignites a shared passion for the great outdoors.

What is the Corporate Club?

Join the Corporate Club, where companies sponsor their dynamic teams or individual runners, funding 100% of their participation in this exciting adventure.

Businesses have the opportunity to sponsor multiple teams or solo participants.

Who is the Corporate Club for?

The Corporate Club welcomes a diverse range of organizations, from businesses of all sizes to public services and NGOs. We also extend a warm invitation to sports associations within companies and interprofessional groups.

Join us to connect, compete, and celebrate teamwork across various sectors.

What does it take to join the Corporate Club?

Whether you’re a team or an individual, eligibility hinges on the following criteria:

  • Compliance with our event’s general participation terms.

  • Teams must consist of at least two employees from the same organization.

  • Complete financial backing by the participant’s company for either teams or solo runners.

  • Join the Corporate Club and propel your team or individual runners into an adventure fully supported by your organization.

2 events open to the Corporate Club

Saturday 20th July, 2024

Saturday 7th September, 2024

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