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Back to the Jungle!

Hi runners,

For this new edition of Le Trail Pacific, you will discover a new route.

This year we are back in the Jungle somewhere in the north of Efate Island!

The race will more hilly than ever, steep, muddy, with small rivers crossing and a dense vegetation!

Le Trail Pacific 2022- Back in the jungle in the north of Efate Island

What is the difference in elevation gain compared to 2020 and 2021?

Graphic from 2020 edition:

Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2020

Graphic from 2021 edition:

Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2021 - ELITE race
Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2021 - SOCIAL race
Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2021 - FAMILY race

Graphic from 2022 edition:


Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2022 - ELITE race
  • Approximately 18km
  • 1000m D+
  • Estimate race time: 6 hours


Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2022 - SOCIAL race
  • Approximately 12km
  • 700m D+
  • Estimate race time: 4 hours


Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2022 - FAMILY race
  • Approximately 6km
  • 400m D+
  • Estimate race time: 2.5 hours


As you can see in the Graph of the 2020 edition, the race starts below sea level for a climb up to 300m for the ELITE race and around 270m for the FAMILY and SOCIAL race.

On the 2021 edition, the races are run at an altitude of 10m for an ascent not exceeding 150m.

In 2022, we are back in the jungle in the north of Efate Island. This means, you have to expect a race more technical and difficult than last year but also from all the race we have already organized!

If you compare with the 2020 edition, the ELITE race will have an elevation almost twice as high in 2022 with a climb close to 600 meters above sea level.

In 2020, the SOCIAL and FAMILY race had an ascent approaching 270m, it will be over 400m this year!


The race will be by far the most physically and technically difficult for all the races since the creation of Le Trail pacific.

The distances will be shorter than usual but don’t be fooled by that. The elevation of the races is a much more important factor and the few kilometers less will seem much longer to you!

The course will be steep and slippery with small rivers to cross and the vegetation will be dense. All of these will slow your progress and wear you out faster than usual.

For beginner runners, it is strongly advised to choose the shortest distance, for intermediate runners choose the race on which you feel confident. We hope that the ELITE race will be a great challenge for the experienced runners!

Do not hesitate longer and take part in Le Trail Pacific 2022.
It will be a great day with your friends, colleagues, family,… in the jungle!

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