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Thursday November 11th at 11am took place the official presentation of the prize money for the winning teams of Le Trail Pacific in the Titan FX office.

Prize giving organized in the Titan FX office with Allan (Titan FX Marketing Manager)

The rewards were offered to the winning teams of all categories:

  • ELITE: 27,000 VT
  • SOCIAL: 15,000 VT
  • FAMILY: 7,000 VT

K2 Kitchen, partner of the event, generously offered a 5,000 VT voucher to the winning women teams of the ELITE and SOCIAL races.

On the left: Allan // On the right: Charlie from the “Nakusi Club” team winner of the ELITE race.
On the left: Allan // On the right: Mathieu and Philippe from the “Boules Runner” team winner of the SOCIAL race.
On the left: Allan // In the middle: the mother and wife of Raoul and Allan from the “Seaworks” team winner of the FAMILY race // On the right: Martin (Titan FX Managing Director)
On the left: Allan // On the right: Mim from the “Fueled by Coffee” team winner of the Women ELITE race.

A generous sporting gesture

The SOCIAL race team winner “Boules Runner” composed by Mathieu and Philippe generously offered 5,000vt of their prize to the first woman team of the same race.

A word from the organization

This year, The Trail Pacific has offered cash prizes only to winning teams (all categories) of the ELITE / SOCIAL / FAMILY races.

Following several wise feedbacks, the organizing committee will provide fair prize money for the next editions for the MEN / WOMEN / MIXED categories and not a single prize for the winners (all categories combined).

Congratulations to all the winners!

Well done and thank you all for participating in the 2021 edition of the Trail Pacific.

See you next year

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