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Vanuatu’s most popular sporting event!

After more than 2 years cut off from the world, Vanuatu has just reopened its borders (July 1, 2022). The opportunity to once again welcome overseas runners to Vanuatu’s most popular sporting event.

Le Trail Pacific is run across different routes and locations each year, tracking through the wild and unspoiled jungle of Vanuatu.
The density of the jungle, the strength and hostility of this constantly growing environment, and the absence of regularly maintained, accessible bush tracks make it difficult for the average person to enjoy Vanuatu’s wil- derness on a regular basis.

This is why each year, the race makes the bush accessible to all. The time to race with friends and family, or simply enjoy a beautiful walk through jungle.
It is a fun sporting and event that pays in tribute to the beauty of Vanuatu’s natural, unspoiled environment. An event where serious competitors can test their limits, and where amateurs can also have fun.

For this 5th edition, the race will be the most demanding that we have organized so far. A technical race on rough and muddy terrain with several small rivers to cross.
A return to basics, to the essence of trail racing but also to exploration.
The Trail Pacific is not just a race, it’s an adventure!


Saturday September 24, 2022 from 6:30 a.m.


Three races are on the program:

  • ELITE // approximately 18 km – 1000m D+ (minimum 18 years old)
  • SOCIAL // approximately 12 km – 700m D+ (minimum 16 years old)
  • FAMILY // approximately 6 km – 400m D+ (minimum age 8 years old)

The races take place in teams of 2.

Registration and payment

Registration and payment online:


– Early Bird: 1000 vatu / person (from July 1st to August 31st)
– Last Minute: 1500 vatu / person (from September 1 to September 9)
– Last Chance: 2000 vatu / person (from September 10 to September 18)

For more information on the race, you can consult:
• Our website –
• Our Facebook page – @LeTrailPacific
• Our Instagram account – @letrailpacific
• Our Linkedin account – @letrailpacific

Or contact us by email at the following address:

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