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Le Trail Pacific launches the first Trail running series in Vanuatu.

Letโ€™s introduce you : the RUN PACIFIC ENERGY SERIES

The very first trail running series organized in Vanuatu is set to take place on July 22 and September 16 with 3 events spread over 2 weekends.

The local and international trail running community is invited to join in the excitement.

These 3 events offer a variety of distances to accommodate runners of all levels, with races of 6, 12, 18 and 35 km. They will take runners through some of the most scenic and rugged terrain on the Efate island:

  • LE TRAIL PACIFIC ENERGY – SAAMA / Date : Saturday 22 July, 2023

For more info read the Press Release – LeTrail Pacific Energy 2023

  • RAID PACIFIC ENERGY / Date : Saturday 16 September, 2023

For more info read the Press Release – Raid Pacific Energy 2023

  • TOP ROCK TRAIL PACIFIC ENERGY / Date : Saturday 16 September, 2023

For more info read the Press Release – Top Rock Trail Pacific Energy 2023

The RUN PACIFIC ENERGY SERIES will offer participants a chance to test their limits, all year long. The different courses are designed to be both challenging and rewarding, with runners navigating steep climbs, technical descents and scenic views along the way.

โ€œWe are thrilled to announce the launch of the RUN PACIFIC ENERGY SERIES, we want to grow the Trail running in Vanuatu which has become popular with Le Trail Pacific, allow local runners to have access to more races locally and attract International runners to sustain our events,” said Antoine Mondou, organizer and general coordinator of the event. “We believe trail running will showcase the beauty and diversity of Vanuatu, providing runners with a truly unforgettable experience in places that are otherwise inaccessible.”

Participants can expect a high level of organization and support, including fully marked and staffed aid stations, medical support, and a post-race celebration.

The RUN PACIFIC ENERGY SERIES is a celebration of the Pacific trail running community, love of nature and healthy activity. Organizers encourage runners to bring friends, family and supporters to enjoy each event and experience the thrill of competition.

“This year 2023 is a test for us with this new format.
We are already planning modifications in 2024. The Raid Pacific Energy will be modified and the Top Rock Trail Pacific Energy will be replaced by another event including a shorter distance race.

We hope that the runners will respond massively this year.
If the result is conclusive, we will be able to pursue our 2024 objectives with the support of our sponsors.”

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General Coordinator : Antoine Mondou

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The RUN PACIFIC ENERGY SERIES is the very first series of trail running organized in Vanuatu including 3 events, a general ranking and automatic free qualification for 2024 event.

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