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Let’s run through villages, plantations, seaside, โ€ฆ

Hi runners,

For this new edition of Le Trail Pacific, you will discover a new route.
This year the race will be less hilly but just as exciting!

We invite you to discover villages, plantations, seaside and more โ€ฆ

New location for Le Trail Pacific in 2021

What is the difference in elevation gain compared to last year?

Graphic from 2020 edition:

Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2020

Graphic from 2021 edition:

Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2021 - ELITE race
Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2021 - SOCIAL race
Profil track Le Trail Pacific 2021 - FAMILY race


As you can see in the Graph of the 2020 edition the race starts below sea level for a climb up to 300m for the ELITE race and around 270m for the FAMILY and SOCIAL race.

On the 2021 edition, the races are run at an altitude of 10m for an ascent not exceeding 150m.


The race will be much smoother for all runners and less hilly.
For the best runners, it will therefore be a faster race than the previous years.
For beginner runners, this course will be much more accessible and maybe more fun for some of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Do not hesitate, take part in Le Trail Pacific 2021.
It will be a great day with your friends!

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